Xiklab Digital expands in Southeast Asia

Digital marketing agency Xiklab Digital has launched operations in Myanmar and Singapore, setting its sights on Southeast Asia.

Arthur Policarpio, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Xiklab Digital, said: “Our goal is to establish Xiklab Digital as one of the best creative digital marketing agencies in the Southeast Asian region. Xiklab Digital’s unique competitive advantage lies in our big pool of high-caliber digital talent based in the Philippines. Aside from the cost advantages offered by the competitive labor costs in the country, the Philippines is a relatively sophisticated digital and social market in Southeast Asia, thus giving our digital talent extensive experience and expertise that can be exported to the rest of the region.”

Xiklab Digital’s Myanmar operations is called Hello Xiklab Yangon (HXY) which is a joint venture with the Myanmar Golden Star Group (MGS), one of the largest conglomerates in Myanmar. MGS is engaged in various businesses, such as beverages, banking and microfinance, hospitality, real estate, commodity trading, farming, rubber manufacturing, media, and many others. “HXY digital marketing services will be launched in Myanmar under the ‘Xiklab Digital’ brand, and will provide its complete range of services to the MGS Group of companies, as well as other clients outside the group,” says Xiklab Digital CEO for International Bingo Soriano.

Xiklab Digital likewise plans to invest more aggressively in its Singapore operations, following a period of rapid growth in just the last six months. The company currently works with several direct clients based in Singapore including world-class brands such as Ricola International and Parkway Hospitals. It also works with Singapore-based partner agencies who outsource content production, social media management, and many other services to Xiklab Digital’s Philippine hub.

Web: https://www.xiklab.com/