Webqlo launches first social media analysis platform in Southeast Asia

Full service digital marketing agency, Webqlo, has rolled out a new social media analytical platform, Adqlo, in Malaysia. With 71% of Malaysia\’s population being internet users and a 22% increase of active social media users in 2017, more and more businesses and individuals turn to social media to build brand awareness.

It is a painstaking process to come up with successful, cost-effective marketing campaigns, or finding the right content to achieve high engagement. Adqlo uses Big Data Technology that collects and simplifies data for you, giving you a clearer picture of what works and won\’t — for your brand.

Founder & CEO of Webqlo, Ginz Ooi said \”We believe Data Marketing will be the next big thing for a marketing strategy, it\’ll help you make better business decisions using big data analysis. We want to introduce this innovation to Southeast Asia because we believe it will help users grow their digital marketing & sales.\”

Web : https://www.adqlo.com/