TV going strong as media for advertising

In 2011, global growth in TV Ad spending, led by the FMCG sector, is expected to be almost 6% compared to last year.

However, experts believe that the peak will not have been reached by the end of 2011. As print media spending is dwindling, there remains more TV, cinema and outdoor advertising to outperform the conventional market.

The US remains the largest – but slowest-growing – market, while Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing regionduring the next five years.

In Asia-Pacific, there is a fast-growing middle class which – combined with the launch of new technologies buy clomiphene online no prescription such as HDTV, 3D and digital displays – certainly accounts for the shift to TV advertising. This is seen in countries such as India, with a whopping growth of 24% during 2010, the Philippines with a 12% growth, and Indonesia with a 10% increase.

Worldwide, nations with the largest ad spending growth in 2011 are expected to be the US and China, each with at least US$5 billion. Several other countries are expected to add more than US$1 billion of ad spending growth this year; among them are Russia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia.