Traditional media, alive & kicking – BBC World News/BDRC Asia

Despite the advance of new media and social media, recent research conducted by BBC World News and their research partner BDRC Asia demonstrates that TV news is still the preferred media for news across the region.
Consumers want their trusted TV news brands in their Pay TV subscription packages.
Sometimes this is just about convenience, e.g. the media brand does the ‘fltering’ of the news that is important, and to serve it up to viewers in the comfort of their living room. But in an age of
Fake News, consumers are increasingly relying on the leading media brands to validate the news as it breaks, backed by trusted in-country reporters. As demonstrated by the research, this level of trust in the media brand also provides a halo effect on the brands advertised on these news channels.


Sally Wu, Senior Business Insight Manager – Asia Pacifc, BBC World News &
Piers Lee, Senior Consultant & Managing Director, BDRC Asia

Presented at Asia Research Breakfast Seminar in Singapore on June 1, 2017.

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