Toluna unveils transformational business concept, Insights on Demand

Digital consumer insights agency Toluna has launched Insights on Demand, which promotes the tight integration of technology and industry expertise with global communities that provide iterative real-time insights. With this launch, Toluna aims to change how the market research industry thinks, talks about, and practices the business of consumer insights.

Marketing and advertising professionals are ideating and executing campaigns exponentially faster than ever before. Additionally, today’s speed of information creates constant and rapid shifts in consumer sentiment. Incremental improvements in market research and data collection have in many cases become insufficient to address these realities, which now demand an entirely new way of obtaining consumer insight.

“The market research industry has hit an inflection point. Today’s businesses need access to insights that are deep and dynamic, always available, and tuned into constantly changing market sentiment,” said Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO of Toluna. “We are introducing Insights on Demand to democratize market research. With Toluna’s existing technology, industry expertise and global community, we are well positioned to lead this new way of fuelling business intelligence and growth.”

As part of the Insights on Demand initiative, Toluna will be collaborating with other industry thought leaders, as well as creating additional educational resources to advance the vision.

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