Toluna integrates Digital Tracking into its real-time insights platform

Consumer insights agency Toluna has integrated Digital Tracking within its end-to-end real-time consumer insights platform.

Companies can use Digital Tracking to obtain a deeper understanding of their customer with insight into Internet usage, how people use their mobile phones, and to obtain valuable new insight into consumers’ path-to-purchase.  Digital Tracking intelligence fuels the development of more successful marketing, and product/service strategies.

Toluna’s Digital Tracking offering is a single-source permission-based solution that passively collects individual traffic and online behaviors in real-time, from digital activities, media consumption, and ad exposure, to e-commerce activity at the SKU level.  Digital Tracking can be used alone, or in combination with other research methodologies, and becomes extremely powerful when used in conjunction with branded communities.

“With the continued development of our Digital Tracking product, and now as we’ve integrated Digital Tracking into Toluna’s end-to-end Automated Platform, we are empowering consumer insights professionals to couple attitudinal and transactional data to deepen their insight, in real-time,” says Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna.  “This is truly revolutionary, and clients have quickly seen the benefit of this end to end Digital Tracking.”

“Our clients have been successfully leveraging Digital Tracking to learn more about their consumer’s path to purchase, digital audience insights and even in-app competitive intelligence – we’ve found the applications are virtually limitless,” says Tshai Ben Yosef, Vice President Digital Products.  “Given the hyper-competitive marketplace conditions marketers face today, we’ve seen Digital Tracking truly transform their insights strategies and improve marketing success.”

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