Toluna hires new senior executive

Digital consumer insights agency Toluna has announced the hiring of Kyle Kim-Hays as Executive Vice President for Global Digital Marketing, responsible for building the company’s panel community. Kim-Hays will oversee Toluna’s digital marketing strategies for acquisition, engagement and retention of the community and supporting the capacity needs to drive digital product growth through Toluna QuickSurveys. Kim-Hays has driven innovative marketing and product strategies as a senior executive at companies ranging from Microsoft and Verizon to Warner Bros. and American Express.

“Toluna’s fast-paced growth trajectory continues and in addition to advancing our real-time research platform, we’re make unprecedented investments in our panel community\” said Frédéric-Charles Petit, Toluna CEO and Founder. “Bringing on Kyle to lead all aspects of our community digital marketing strategies will help Toluna continue to reshape market research through an innovative combination of technology and community that helps companies get the real-time answers they require from the right people to make great business decisions.”