Toluna enhances QuickSurveys Suite with Hyper Targeting

News . Digital consumer insights provider Toluna has enhanced its QuickSurveys suite, with users now able to select from more than 200 \’hyper-targeted\’ demographic and profile audiences.

Toluna QuickSurveys clients have the option to select from more than 200 hyper-targeted demographic and profile audiences therefore enabling users to reach their targeted audience without any manual intervention. QuickSurveys provides twice as many parameters as compared to other DIY survey platforms, whereby empowering companies to use a DIY approach for more highly complex survey research projects.  This capability, coupled with real-time access to 13+ million global consumers across 68 markets provides unrivalled speed of insight.

“As brands encounter an increasingly competitive landscape, marketers and market researchers are challenged with gaining unique insights into their target audience,” said Phil Ahad, SVP, Digital Products. “QuickSurveys continues to challenge traditional market research methods by providing customers with powerful research methodology tools on an intuitive platform, empowering them to conduct research on their own. The enhanced Toluna QuickSurveys digital platform equips customers with unparalleled respondent targeting capabilities, reducing the turnaround time for many surveys from days or weeks to hours, all this within budget.”

“We are digitalizing the generation of insights to help our clients conduct their research at the speed of business decisions. In our hyper-connected world, we are providing hyper-targeted research in real time.”  Says Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO of Toluna.

In addition to unrivalled targeting capabilities, Toluna QuickSurveys clients can now gather deeper insights from their data by creating custom bands, complex and nested quotas, and manage respondent sources.  For example, Toluna QuickSurveys clients will be able to target custom age ranges and prioritize respondent attributes in a hierarchical fashion. For instance, Toluna QuickSurveys users will now be able to target in real-time expectant mothers looking to purchase a car in the next 6 months; Smartphone owners who have a dog and live in Boston; and high net-worth individuals who are older than 65 and use Facebook.

The launch of the latest addition to the suite of tools within QuickSurveys, demonstrates the power of the deeper Toluna platform, and Toluna is committed to helping clients gather real-time insights into their unique target audiences.

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