The Market Research Industry in Indonesia


I. History, Developments, Key Players:

Market research industry in Indonesia is quite young – existing for about 20 years, and the growth in the past 5 years is positive.

This can be observed from the increase in the number of companies – more significantly among the local ones than of the multinationals, as well as the increase in number of new researchers although is still low as compared to the high demand of this sector.

Most, if not all of market research companies are based in Jakarta and speaking about this market is very much centred in the capital city, although research projects are conducted across the country.

Given the large population and the growth of the economy, Indonesia is a big market for FMCG sectors and this has become the main sector for market research.

Competitive scenario:

The major players include both the multi-national & local companies. Big names like AC Nielsen, TNS or Synovate are well-known across the market. Millward Brown being the new comer has also started to spread their fame. However, some clients have their preference skewed towards more medium sized, boutique-like research agencies, such as Acorn, InsightAsia or Deka.

There are numerous new local research agencies which have come into the market in the past two years, seemingly to have their own set of clients, mostly local companies. As the market grow, these local companies benefit in several main aspects: being locals hence understand the soul of the people and the market, know how to deal with local companies from cultural perspective, including bypassing the language barrier which might occur when the local companies deal with multi-national research agencies, also equipped with experienced researchers (8 – 10 years of experience).

II. Working in the market research world in Indonesia:

Being a researcher is a quite a challenging job in Indonesia and this has become one of the reasons why this profession becomes a high-demand one compared to relatively low supply of good researchers. Finding good researchers is not an easy task, although maybe this is not exclusive to Indonesia but more an issue buy amoxil 250mg across the Asian markets.

Generally speaking from the Indonesian’s perspective, the reasons why the job is considered to be challenging are:

  • The market is very dynamic, hence often research projects require a quick turnover whereby researchers need to work long hours (for average at least 12-hour) to meet the deadlines
  • Coming from a laid-back culture, working more than 12-hour a day is far from being appealing
  • If you compare the pay with the amount of work required, it is another problem
  • The education system in Indonesia does not encourage people to have systematic & analytical mind which is an essential in research, hence it takes time for the researchers to train themselves in this area – again, is not an easy task!
  • Clients handling could be another drawback for the researchers. This could be for various reasons – as clients are always difficult as they are, sometimes this is added by ‘crazy’ deadlines or unfriendly style of communication from the client’s side.
  • Fluency in English language is a must (especially for those who work for multi national agencies) and this is again not a common quality unless among those who graduate overseas.

People in the research industry:

In line with the growth of the industry, market researcher is quite a high-demand profession at the moment in Indonesia.  It is apparent that this field has become more well-known – more fresh grads start to look into opportunities with research companies after graduation, and good researchers become more aware of their market value.

Freelance moderator is another alternative, it is not anymore dominated by those with 5+ years experience as there are young talented moderators with 1-2 years are trusted by the clients to run the FGDs for them.

III. Indicative annual salaries of Research staff:

The indicative annual income for research staff in Indonesia (including 13th month salary):

  • For entry level researcher (1-2 years): USD 3,500 – 5,000
  • For research / project manager to senior manager (4-6 years)
  • USD 11,500 – 21,700
  • For Associate Director (7+ years): USD 21,700 – 36,000