The Latest Innovations from Rack Storage Systems


Many factors need to be taken into consideration to determine the pallet rack to be used: desired storage density, floor space and building height, inventory accessibility, and item or load size and weight, among others.

There are various types of racking to satisfy different preferences. Below, are some of the latest systems:


Usage: Cold stores

The storage ranger system works by moving pallets inside tunnels run by a remote-controlled shuttle, with the additional use of photocells to position the shuttle under the pallet. This high-density system is one of the company’s newest innovations.


Usage: Cold stores and where space is at a premium

Mobile racking is a system whereby pallet racks are mounted on mobile bases. This enables the racks to move either as individual aisles or entire sections. The company boasts that this is one of the most effective uses of warehouse space.


Usage: Non-food items, including individual electrical, homeware and cook shop lines

This racking was designed specifically for a non-food storage area which required more than 56,000 pallet positions. It was installed at a new Tesco distribution centre earlier this year. The layout has a top beam height of 12.5 meters and provides seven levels of storage across sixty-nine aisles. This makes it one of the largest installations of its kind undertaken by Link51.


Usage: Publications

The Narrow aisle racking solution was applied to Harper Collins’ UK distribution centre. The system has over 3,500 pallet positions and was designed to combine with the existing system. Eight-meter high anti-collapse mesh panels provide a safe environment for employees.


Usage: Heavy items and more difficult environments

The Cantilever Racking System is available in single and double-sided formats. It is designed for the storage of long and heavy items such as timber and metal. Invicta can supply the system with adjustable cantilever arms for increased flexibility, and can even add accessories that cater for different sized products.