Salary & Benefits in Research – Asia

The second employee salary and benefits survey from Asia Research was conducted at the end of 2011. Apart from recording absolute salary levels across management levels and countries, the survey also assessed the type of employee benefits enjoyed by researchers, both client and agency side.

The “guaranteed 13th month” salary is almost ubiquitous in Indonesia, but non-existent in Australia. It is usually in the minority in other countries, but enjoyed by half of agency-side researchers in Singapore.

Commissions on revenue or specific new business wins are quite rare, with bonuses being more common at an overall company online pharmacy zovirax performance level, or that of the individual’s performance over the year. Those working client-side are more likely to receive bonuses for the overall company performance rather than individually.

Company cars are quite rare, although more common in Australia and India. India also stands out as offering housing allowances more than any other country in the survey.

Health insurance is the most common staff benefit, received by over 60% of employees in the survey, although quite rare in Australia where mobile phone allowances are more common! Nearly a third of staff can have their health insurance extended to their family, more so in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Beyond the fairly standard benefits already mentioned, some companies are offering more creative benefits to their staff including club allowances, subsidized or “flexi” loans, education allowance, half-days on Fridays, clothing allowance, and even “rice allowances” in the Philippines!