Risk Management Software for Banks


In order to fully realize the capabilities of risk management, banks and financial institutions are relying on risk management software (RMS) for a complete assessment across their business units. This allows banks and other financial institutions to prioritise tasks in order to increase opportunities for growth by giving them visual aids to work with.

There are numerous big and small companies offering RMS for use in different sectors, such as the financial sector. SAP has been named as a leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. IBM has recently acquired OpenPages, a leading provider of risk management solutions, to expand its business analytics portfolio.

Imagine Software gained acknowledge, due to its ability in providing customers adequate risk functionality for investment management to steer through capricious and volatile financial markets.

Algorithmics continues to excel in the sector as well. End users especially like the functionality, usability, return on investment, performance, and reliability. The company was also cited for its market risk and collateral management system.

With RMS’s capacity to combine financial controls management, internal auditing, operational risk, IT risk and compliance management, more and more companies are harnessing its innate usefulness for business endurance.