Research & Results – Meet the Industry in Germany

The 2013 Research & Results market research trade show is an ideal forum for the industry to present itself and its services to experts and customers, alike. Held every October in Germany, the event is now in its 8th year.


While the trade show started with 65 exhibitors and 40 workshops back in 2006, this year there are over 145 exhibitors from more than 15 countries showcasing their latest products and to discuss the latest trends. While most exhibitors are from Germany, there is a steadily growing presence led by the US and the UK.

More than 3,300 participants are expected this year with an ever increasing number of Asian attendees. Last year Asian attendees came from Japan, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

The main value that brings the global research industry to Munich every year is “the opportunity it gives exhibitors, potential business partners and clients to meet and establish personal contacts;” comments Martin Sippel, the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Research & Results. Together with his partners, Hans Reitmeier and Heinrich Fischer, they have established the ‘Research & Results’ to \”become the largest market research event worldwide in terms of exhibitor numbers”, he says.

Although, the German research market is in itself considered as being one of the biggest – with reported revenues of over 2.4 billion euros in 2012, for the first time this year, most workshops are simultaneously translated into English. A notable feature in 2013 has been the rising number of non-German exhibitors. Reportedly, more than 25% of the exhibitors are from non-German sources. That became cause for Martin Sippel to quip, \”This is a required move towards the international relevance of this event\”.

With over 90 workshops covering the latest topics such as Mobile research, social media monitoring, Big Data and research communities – these are just a few – evergreen topics such as customer satisfaction, brand management or B2B research won\’t come too short. And ESOMAR with it’s doxycycline 100mg no prescription workshop \’Growth, changes and opportunities?\’ will provide attendees with a global industry overview .


When asking Martin Sippel about Asia, he says, “There is a huge interest in the Chinese market, with other Asian countries gaining more traction as well. Companies realise to be successful, Market Research is essential.” He further adds, “More and more companies realise that intercultural competency is more relevant in working together with Asian partners, far more important, than in working with European organisations”. While he admits, that all markets have their own cultural backgrounds, values and behaviours, he says “especially, when looking at Asia, it is essential to be aware of existing differences. Methodologies how they might apply in Europe or the US, cannot simply be adapted to Asian markets”.

This year’s exhibitors from Asia will include, GMO Research from Japan and QPA from Malaysia. They have realised this unique opportunity to exhibit at the “Research & Results” to increase their global footprint. The Research & Results fair has evolved to a global event, one which market research professionals  cannot dismiss anymore. And if attendees, besides networking, can still find time, Munich definitely is a visit worth its while. But, don’t forget to bring a warm coat, especially, when you are planning to attend from warm climates. It is autumn in Germany!

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[box]About the organiser
The publishing house Reitmeier Input Services Management is the host of the trade show “Research & Results 2013”. Since 2004, the company has published the professional magazine “Research & Results” and it also publishes the annual “Research  & Results StudioGuide” as a reference and information book on  focus group facilities in Germany. Since 2011 the company also publishes the annual „Research & Results IT-Guide“, a  reference work for finding a competent partner for  software,  hardware and IT services for market research. The publisher has locations in Munich and Waiblingen, Germany. [/box]