Research Now launches SmartAR automated research

Digital data collection specialist Research Now has introduced an automated research solution called SmartAR, promising completed surveys in a matter of days.

Available in standard, modular, and custom versions, SmartAR studies are initiated through an online form and are generally completed within a few business days. Results are delivered in real-time via an online dashboard, and users have the ability to filter, download, and share the data. SmartAR decreases cost and errors while increasing overall productivity and quality, giving more time for strategic-level thinking.

\”In developing SmartAR with clients and agencies, there was vast enthusiasm about the ease of use of the dashboards and the ability to present data in digestible, easy-to-understand formats,\” said Adam Ramage, Product Manager at Research Now. \”We\’re excited to offer this expanded solution to our clients in a version that best suits their research needs.\”

\”Research Now has a history of delivering innovative solutions, and SmartAR is no different,\” said Senior Vice President of Product Management, Mayer Danzig. \”SmartAR Automated Research goes beyond the time and cost savings that technology offers, and enables marketers to conduct intelligent research at the speed of business.\”