Research Now Enters Data Partnership with FullContact

Digital research data agency Research Now has forged a social media data partnership with customer intelligence platform FullContact for 360-degree person, company, and relationship insights. The partnership, which is global, allows social data to be appended to survey data or incorporated into sample selection to spur fresh thinking about potential customers and prospects.

Through the partnership, marketers and researchers are able to enrich and expand consumer views to gain new insights – such as understanding lifecycles based on demographic, social lifestyle, and brand engagement – to optimize marketing strategies.

FullContact confirms social accounts with more than 100 recognized social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Myspace, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, Klout, Google+, and Quora.¹ The company provides Twitter social engagement data that includes Twitter followers and following, number of tweets, brand category and lifestyle engagement data.

“Social data is a powerful measure of person-to-person influence that can provide new insights to drive strategy,” said Darrin Keller, Director of Product Management at Research Now. “Working with a provider like FullContact, Research Now is able to help clients discover what drives consumer preferences and behaviors.”

“We’re excited about this relationship with Research Now. We’ve always felt like social data represents an opportunity to get to know your customers in their world,” said Mark Canada, Director of Enterprise Solutions at FullContact, Inc. “Adding this information to what companies know about survey respondents will allow for new insights into consumer profiles. For companies that see the value from these insights on survey respondents and want to extend that to their customer bases, FullContact will be there to support that desire.”