Research Now enhances DIY platform Samplify

Digital data solutions provider Research Now has added a survey authoring tool to its DIY Samplify platform, which is designed for individuals with no special research expertise. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to author surveys allows marketers to reach consumers 24/7.

With the self-serve survey authoring capability, marketers gain access to advanced data visualizations within the Samplify platform, enabling them to make meaningful discoveries without having to sift through large data sets.

The Samplify platform accesses Research Now’s industry-leading panel data of millions of consumers worldwide – including hard-to-reach consumer audiences like younger millennials. It features robust targeting capabilities based on hundreds of attributes such as automobile ownership, cellphone type, children in household, computer ownership, and grocery shopping.

Anthony Lam, Product Manager at Research Now says, “We are pleased to empower marketers with the autonomy to author surveys and conduct research at a moment’s notice – whether they are a novice or an experienced researcher – and to enable cost-effective rapid insights that are highly reliable thanks to Research Now’s robust panel data.”

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