Intuitive Business Intelligence to Provide Visual Reporting on Ad Campaign Effectiveness with Intuitive Dashboards

Research Now is implementing Intuitive Dashboards by Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd, to provide clients with access to up-to-date advertising campaign data collected using Research Now’s ADimension® technology powered by Quantcast.

The advanced dashboard software integrates seamlessly with ADimension technology – a comprehensive online effectiveness measurement tool that was launched in 2011 – and enables clients to benefit from an enhanced, visual dashboard view of their online advertising campaigns, including detailed demographic data of respondents and their opinions, attitudes and behaviour. Research Now is implementing Intuitive Dashboards across the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“Our goal is to enable our clients, particularly media organisations, to make more effective and timely decisions by utilising our suite of media solutions,” said Miles Worne, Chief Strategy Officer at Research Now. “After looking at several dashboard systems, we concluded that Intuitive Dashboards was the best fit for our offering. Intuitive Dashboards gives our clients a competitive advantage by providing an actionable viewpoint of online ad effectiveness, and enables clients to focus on making faster decisions to dontevaluate their ad campaigns.”

Intuitive Dashboards offers advanced security features, which enable Research Now to protect confidential client data; and because it runs in a browser, it provides sophisticated functionality from a central location. Additionally, it has the capacity to scale to a large number of concurrent users without performance degradation.

Edward Smith, Technical Director of Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd stated, “I’m pleased to welcome Research Now to our rapidly-growing list of market research, media and marketing clients. Their investment in Intuitive Dashboards enables them to replace static campaign reports with real-time, customisable reports, ensuring that Research Now continues to deliver a first-class, innovative service to all their clients.”