Rakuten rebrands, unifies brand name and logo

Rakuten Inc., holding company of Rakuten Research, Inc. and AIP Corporation, has rebranded the 2 subsidiaries under the unified name, Rakuten Insight. The new brand name will also carry a new logo.

With effect from August 1, 2018, Rakuten Research, which provides market research services to clients in Japan, will change its name to Rakuten Insight, Inc., while AIP Corporate, which provides services to clients outside of Japan, will change its name to Rakuten Insight Global, Inc. Both companies will rebrand under the unified brand logo and service name “Rakuten Insight”.

\"\"The brand wording “Insight” is referring to the thinking and reasoning behind consumer behavioural choices. The incorporation of “Insight” into the new company and service names signifies the companies’ desire to provide unique and high added value market and industry research services to clients by pursuing deeper insight.

Rakuten Insight and Rakuten Insight Global will also collaborate more closely to strengthen their service offerings, such as by offering consumer analysis utilizing big data, in addition to traditional marketing activities centered on questionnaires and interviews, and expanding the number of countries and regions the two companies operate in. Details of the new services will be announced on the companies’ homepages.

Web: https://www.aip-global.com/