Rakuten and Dentsu sets up new marketing solutions firm

Rakuten, together with marcom group Dentsu, has formed a new company, “Rakuten Data Marketing Co., Ltd.,”, that will offer marketing solutions integrating Rakuten Group’s big data and Dentsu Group’s data and mass media expertise. The company will begin operations in October 2017. The agreement related to this matter was concluded today. Rakuten, Inc. Group Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Makoto Arima will be the new company’s President and Representative Director.

Makoto Arima joined Rakuten in July 2017 to take up a newly created position as Group Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and head up the expansion of the data marketing business. Arima has made major contributions to the development of the domestic online advertising industry, through leadership roles at Google, Yahoo, Recruit and, most recently, Adroll.

Rakuten Data Marketing Co., Ltd. will harness the Rakuten Group’s broad membership base and big data, combining this with the Dentsu Group’s data and insights relevant to mass media and consumers and its strategy-building knowhow, in order to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions that will allow optimization and maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities.

The new company will also further enhance the offering of brand partnership opportunities on Rakuten Ichiba, and utilize Rakuten Group’s big data to develop more personalized advertising products based on customer analysis. In addition, the company plans to support the development of customer strategies for brands and offer integrated media planning services beyond the digital field.

To date, Rakuten and Dentsu have collaborated to provide marketing support to companies through the use of the Rakuten Group’s membership base and related media. With the establishment of this new company, Rakuten and Dentsu will develop comprehensive marketing solutions fully utilizing the resources of both companies and breaking new ground in marketing techniques.