Researching Teenagers with Mobile Market Research

Using mobile ethnography is proving a powerful way to get closer to kids’ worlds in an unfiltered, authentic way, and provide cross-cultural insights in a swift, cost-effective manner.

\"shutterstock_225293314forpress\"Levi Strauss & Co asked Happy Thinking People’s India office to execute foundational research in China and USA into the fashion worlds of teens and pre-teens (8–12, 13–14 year olds), using the Agency’s Mobile Ethnography App Happisodes. The findings will be jointly presented by Sabrina Schöder, Managing Director, Happy Thinking People and Ken Leung, Director, Global Market Place Insights, Levi Strauss at the upcoming Qual360 conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The client expectations were clear: overall, provide a rich cross-cultural understanding of kids’ fashion worlds. Also:

  • explore their media usage
  • understand the influence of online and offline media
  • identify triggers for brand engagement
  • probe the role of parents in decision making
  • explore brand perceptions, preferences

The study generated a huge amount of ethnographic material – photos, in-home and out-of-home details, rich verbatims – ideal for embedding insights into a culturally sensitive analysis.

From a research perspective, both Agency and Client were convinced that the mobile approach was right.

Mobile was a great fit – the kids really opened up” said Sabrina Schöder, Managing Director of Happy Thinking People in India and Project Lead. “They shared far more than we had expected.Setting tasks for kids worked well – often better than simply asking a question. Playful tasks worked best – generating much higher engagement and richer output.

Commissioning client Ken Leung, Director Global Marketplace Insights at Levi Strauss & Co. was also very positive. “Mobile really worked well for us. It’s definitely more \’in-tune\’ with communication modes of kids these days

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