PureSpectrum unveils PureText™ API integration

PureSpectrum has released PureText™ API, demonstrating its continued commitment to providing the best online data quality in the industry. PureText™ is now available as an external API and provides important quality fraud checks on open-end responses during a survey. This new PureText™ API adds a critical layer of security and confidence and saves hours of manual text review on any insights platform.

PureSpectrum CEO and Founder, Michael McCrary, comments “We take quality very seriously by continuously innovating to provide the best for our clients, it only made sense that we create something for them to plug into their systems and harness the power of our quality solutions.”

PureText™ API works in conjunction with PureScore™, our advanced machine learning-driven, scoring system designed to measure individual survey respondent quality regardless of source. Utilizing natural language processing technology, PureText™ screens respondents in any survey tool based on textual responses to open-ended questions and accounts for nuances like colloquial phrasing, spelling errors, and slang.

The integrated PureText™ API screens text responses using an extensive dataset of millions of data points. Some of the screening process includes AI-generated text detection, language mismatch, and deduplication.

“PureText™ continues to pave the way in the industry for dependable, high-quality data collection. With the release of its API, researchers can integrate PureText™ into their existing systems, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and security of their open-ended survey responses” states Chief Product Officer of PureSpectrum, Mark Menig.

Web: https://www.purespectrum.com/

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