PureSpectrum enters collaboration with Stickybeak

Market research and insights platform PureSpectrum has sealed an exclusive agreement with consumer testing platform Stickybeak to provide research panel services to ensure Stickybeak clients can reach any consumer niche, anywhere in the world.

Stickybeak is unique amongst consumer testing platforms because it recruits respondents for testing and research via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and X (Twitter) which means it can reach over 4 billion active users, more than any other research platform in the world.

However, respondents in some markets like China cannot be sourced in this manner and for sensitive topics, some clients prefer to use private panels not public social channels.

PureSpectrum is recognised for industry-leading data quality and their global marketplace provides both quality and fast delivery of feedback that can be depended on.

Commenting on the deal, Stickybeak CEO Anna Henwood said: “Recruiting testing and research respondents through social channels will remain our default and preferred option because we believe our clients get a ‘truthier truth’ that way.”

“The vast majority of consumer purchase decisions are made fast and by people in a hurry, like when you are comparing snacks in a supermarket aisle, and our social recruitment and engaging respondent experiences most faithfully mimics that reality as our tests are done by fresh consumers on their mobile phones in about 2 minutes as they go about their busy days.”

“However, our system means that in some markets like China where the social media sector is local and more fragmented, and occasionally if a customer wants consumer feedback on a sensitive topic like health, it makes sense to recruit for that more discreetly”.

“We are excited to partner with Stickybeak as its exclusive global sample marketplace to supplement its primary social media recruitment,” said Anthony O’Brien, PureSpectrum Vice President ANZ. By integrating with its leading marketplace Stickybeak will be able to access PureSpectrum’s global network of suppliers and research technology that delivers high quality respondents, which market researchers, brands and consultants around the world depend on to stay on top of rising trends, consumer sentiments, and rapidly evolving markets.”

Stickybeak is a platform that allows marketing and communications teams and agencies to test messaging, creative, content, packaging and influencer choice with consumers anywhere, direct from their laptop without the need for a research agency and for as little as $350 USD a time.

Stickybeak was launched four years ago and since then has polled and tested in every region of the world for organisations like Unilever, Dole, SCJ, the World Health Organization and Vodafone and agencies such as Ogilvy, Edelman, Golin and Porter Novelli.

Web: https://www.purespectrum.com/

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