PureSpectrum Acquires Instant Insights

Market research technology company, PureSpectrum, has acquired Instant Insights, a business line spun out of Upwave. Instant Insights is a leader in fast and easy consumer insights for data-driven businesses everywhere.

The acquisition of Instant Insights will expand the PureSpectrum suite of solutions. This new addition, now known as the PureSpectrum Insights platform, will live alongside PureSpectrum Marketplace, making PureSpectrum a complete end-to-end market research and insights platform.

Michael McCrary, CEO and Founder, comments “Our purpose is to make researchers’ jobs easier. We strongly believe that this acquisition will help insights professionals make decisions more efficiently, and faster than ever before. The Upwave Instant Insights business is a great addition to PureSpectrum.”

Focusing on simplicity and usability, PureSpectrum will invest heavily in the platform to make the collection and analysis of high-quality answers faster and more accessible to all researchers. “The acquisition of this insights platform is just the beginning for us,” said Mark Menig, PureSpectrum Chief Product Officer, “We are committed to extending the platform and creating a seamless research experience from project inception to final reporting.”

Chris Kelly, Upwave CEO and Founder, states, “We were highly selective about who we wanted to own Instant Insights going forward. It was important for us to choose a company and team that would give it the right home. We know PureSpectrum will give it the focus and investment it deserves. They will take good care of Instant Insights’ current and future clients and employees, which has always been our top priority.”

With the spinout of Instant Insights, Upwave will be expanding their investment in their brand analytics platform, led by their flagship Brand Campaign Measurement product which measures the brand impact of marketing for the world’s leading brands, agencies, and media companies.

About PureSpectrum

PureSpectrum offers a complete end-to-end market research and insights platform, helping
insights professionals make decisions more efficiently, and faster than ever before.
In just five years since the company’s inception, over 47 million successful completes have been
sourced from PureSpectrum Marketplace. PureSpectrum Insights Platform empowers users to
collect consumer insights for any demand. PureSpectrum has also developed the industry’s first
and only respondent-level scoring system, PureScore™, creating a new standard of data quality
for the industry.

Web: https://www.purespectrum.com/