Publicis launches data and analytics platform, Spine

Publicis Groupe has launched a data division, Spine, which fuses all of the group’s data assets, technology, and talent, strengthening the company’s unique proposition to drive and link both marketing transformation and digital business transformation.

Spine consists of three core components. Data matching of first, second and third party sources to create unique consumer IDs to better inform targeting; a cloud-based platform, PeopleCloud, that uses data to identify sources of client growth at an individual level; and a centralised data and analytics workforce of 3,500 engineers, analysts, and strategists from across Publicis Groupe.

Lisa Donohue, most recently Starcom global brand president, will serve as CEO of Publicis Spine, overseeing a team of 3,500 engineers, data scientists, analysts and tech leaders. She will be succeeded at Starcom by John Sheehy, formerly president of global clients for Publicis Media. Donohue will report to Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun and Publicis Media CEO Steve King.

Sadoun said of the changes: \”These moves are the natural next steps in the development of our model, further strengthening capability on both the marketing and business transformation fronts and, importantly, closely interconnecting them, fueled by all of our data expertise.\”