PRS IN VIVO expands online LAB Suite

Shopper insights agency PRS IN VIVO has continued the expansion of LAB, a consultative offering that draws on a suite of innovative qualitative services, designed to Leverage Authentic Behavior in consumers.  LivingLAB and ListenLAB, the newest online digital modules, enhance brands’ abilities to plan for future success across the entire lifecycle of development, design, and marketing of consumer products.

“Digital consumer behaviors have become ever more apparent during the Coronavirus pandemic. Brands therefore need to understand consumer behavior today in order to prepare for action tomorrow. In this strategic step to build out our four LAB pillars, these online tools take consumer closeness to another level.  They help clients to build in empathy and clarity to insights we observe in consumers’ personal environments, and in their online social activity. These new tools complement our in-person LAB techniques and amplify our clients’ ability to navigate as consumer behaviors change,” said Matt Michaud, Senior VP of Behavioral Qualitative.

Chief Innovation Officer, Emilie Boutes Eberly added, “These online LAB enhancements are perfect extensions of the in-person qualitative best practices and solutions PRS IN VIVO has pioneered throughout our history.  They enable us to serve brands with a totally consultative approach to consumer closeness that allows clients to Immerse and Inspire, Build and Iterate, Guide and Refine, and be Always Ahead of authentic consumer behavior, even as the world is changing.”