Popularity of LED Monitors Fast Spreading in Asian countries

Even as the desktop monitor market is already considered to have matured in the constantly evolving PC industry, the introduction of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) monitor panels in the last three years has managed to rejuvenate the sector, creating much buzz in the PC monitor industry of late.

According to global leading market research company GfK Asia, sales of LED monitors have started registering consistent upward growth since end of last year, and for the first three quarters of this year, consumers in nine Asian countries—Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam have bought over four million units of LED monitors worth over USD700 million. Occupying 24 percent of the unit sales pie in September 2010 translates to approximately one in four monitors sold that month being an LED monitor.

“Although GfK findings reflect slow growth in the overall monitor market across the Asian countries that we track, we are seeing tremendous growth in the LED monitor segment with third quarter sales this year registering more than two-fold jump over the second quarter,” commented Mr Gerard Tan, Regional Account Director for IT at GfK Asia. “It’s a new display technology incorporated into a PC display, a trend similar to what is now being witnessed in the consumer TV segment as well. LED monitors for computers will no doubt be gaining popularity with consumers.”

Among the countries surveyed, matured economies are showing a faster pace of growth than developing markets. Consumers in Hong Kong and South Korea in particular have been most receptive towards this latest technology in PC monitor, which is already contributing nearly 15 percent to the overall monitor sales in the first nine months of 2010—a huge jump when compared to their respective markets’ share of sales in the same period last year (Jan-Sept 2009) which were close to nothing.

Decreasing prices have also played a part in boosting sales as brands are actively carrying out promotional activities to generate demand among consumers. Prices of LED monitors have been gradually dipping since their launch in the region, declining by as much as seven percent in matured economies with prices averaging at USD203 in quarter three, compared to USD218 in 2 of 3 the previous quarter. In developing economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines, the decline rate is slower at three percent.

“Plenty of opportunities still present for LED monitors in developing countries as the technology was only introduced there at a later stage,” noted Mr Tan. “The dynamic industry will continue to adopt new display technologies, but LED is poised to be a main contender of the consumer dollar. As prices continue to erode, we can expect to see increasing adoption of LED monitors,” concluded Mr Tan.