Pharmaceuticals Sales Force Levels in China Surpass USA for The First Time

Cegedim Strategic Data audit of sales force activity puts rep levels in largest Asian market at 80,000.

\"\"CSD – Cegedim Strategic Data, leading provider of healthcare market research and worldwide promotional audits, has released first quarter 2012 audited pharmaceuticals sales force figures for over 30 countries covering The Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In the 12 months ending March 2012, sales force levels in China were up over 17% to 80,000 full time rep equivalents. Over the same period, sales force numbers dropped in the United States – down 8% on the previous year to 72,000.

Commenting on these developments in the regions’ most dynamic market, Delphine Perridy, Managing Director of CSD China observes: “Sales force growth here reflects the huge potential that the industry buy nolvadex online canada sees for this market. Having covered the major cities, companies are now focussing expansion efforts on more hospital types and lower tier cities. We expect to see continued expansion through next year.”

Meanwhile, major western markets and notably the USA have continued expected cuts to sales force sizes as major brands go off patent and pipelines fail to deliver new treatments at a rate that can justify maintaining current sales force levels.

CSD monitors pharmaceutical marketing investments in over 30 countries, tracking industry sales force, sampling, meetings/events, clinical trials, DTC, e-promotion, print advertising and other marketing channels. GPs, specialists and pharmacists are covered with a pool of 200,000 healthcare professionals reporting their exposure to industry promotional activity on a daily basis.