Organic Food – a growth market

In recent years, more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious. This awareness has led companies to develop alternative offerings in the organic food market.

Major companies are making organic food more accessible by increasing their organic food offerings. Walmart is providing organic food choices in its stores, and announced at the beginning of this year that it will improve its supply chain efficiency – therefore, making fruits and vegetables more accessible and less expensive to consumers. An increased demand also puts organic food producers on the merger and acquisition menu of companies like General Mills, Kraft Foods, Kellogg and Cargill.

Organic food consumers are also making changes. In the past, consumers were buying mostly organic fruits and vegetables. But there seems to be an increasing demand for packaged organic foods, such as organic salad dressing, organic dairy products, organic frozen entrées, organic snacks, cereals, and organic prepared desserts. For organic convenience foods the price, visibility and value for money are key factors to become a routinely purchased product.

Following the rise in organic food consumption, the first conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research will take place in May of this year in Prague, and is expected to focus on the quality and safety of organic plant and animal products, organic food authenticity, different health concepts, and the impact of organic food on animals and humans.