Oncofocus launches decodeMR for its primary market research unit

Oncology focused strategy consulting firm, Oncofocus, has adopted decodeMR as its corporate identity for its primary market research unit.

With this new identity, decodeMR can effectively cater to the market research needs across its expanding geographical footprint and can better leverage its increasing experience in multiple disease areas.

decodeMR, through its qualitative research services (focused on understanding physician concerns, prescription behaviors, and key unmet needs), aims to bridge the delivery gap and contribute to the overall evolution of the healthcare and diagnostics space.

Regarding the exciting development, Ashish Shukla, CEO of Oncofocus, said, “We are at an inflection point in our growth. This new branding will go a long way in achieving our mission to establish decodeMR as a preferred qualitative research partner in the healthcare domain. Also, it will help us in attracting the best global talent.”

Raja Mukesh Dokala, Director, decodeMR, commented, “We are delighted that the primary research unit of Oncofocus has its own identity now. decodeMR team strives for excellence, actively develops novel business solutions for the biopharma industry, and spreads awareness against various human ailments through its not-for-profit programs.”

Web: https://www.oncofocus.com/

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