Nielsen launches web-based simulation tool, Marketing Budget Explorer

Nielsen has unveiled a web-based forecasting solution called Marketing Budget Explorer, that will enable brand marketers to easily dontevaluate thousands of combinations of marketing allocations and budget options, to make more informed, media planning decisions.

“For advertisers tasked with maximizing the impact of their limited marketing dollars, Marketing Budget Explorer simplifies a traditionally complex practice,” said Lana Busignani, Head of Marketing and Sales Effectiveness for Lead Markets at Nielsen. “Deciding which brands, channels, markets or even day-parts to execute against is neither an easy nor a light decision to make.  Today, the stakes are higher, the need for dynamic decision making is greater and the ability to reduce wasted spend and increase ROI is a critical charge for all marketers.”

When used with benchmark insights, Marketing Budget Explorer is less resource intensive, making data-driven decisions highly accessible for smaller brands and markets that traditionally have had limited access to analytics. This newest offering continues Nielsen’s vision of making sophisticated analytics more accessible to brand marketers, executive decision-makers, insights teams and agency partners, for everyday decisions.

Busignani continues, “With the launch of Marketing Budget Explorer, we are putting the power of analytics into the advertiser or brand manager’s hands to help make marketing mix modeling data more accessible to key decision makers within companies of all sizes. Nielsen has brought to the market a steady stream of everyday analytic products, leading the drive to foster greater efficiency, growth and automation around media budget allocation decision making. We are excited to bring this to the marketplace as a building block within our Connected System.”

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