Nielsen expands Media Impact service to the Philippines

Consumer insights agency Nielsen has launched its Media Impact service in the Philippines. A key part of Nielsen’s Total Audience framework, the solution will help marketers better plan advertising campaigns across TV, radio, and print. On the other hand, TV networks, radio stations, and print publications can use it to be more competitive in today\’s media landscape.

Consumers now have endless options for viewing content, which is fundamentally changing the business of TV, advertising and measurement. Nielsen’s Total Audience framework provides a suite of solutions that help marketers and media owners develop great campaigns and content by providing a comprehensive and granular understanding of their audience – who they are, what they like and how they interact with content, everywhere.

Nielsen Media Impact brings together consumer media behavior information across TV, digital and print media data into one easy-to-use planning interface. Marketers, agencies, and media owners are given a granular, unduplicated understanding of how different media combinations reach audiences, and how much time their audience spends on those media channels. In addition to standard information about age, gender, and social classification, Media Impact allows users to put together media plans based on advanced audience attributes such as advanced demographics, psychographics, lifestyle behaviors, and media behaviors, so that they understand how to best reach their audience, no matter how granular they are.

Nielsen Media Impact is also available in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, US, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.