New leadership at EyeSee

Behavioural research agency EyeSee has appointed Joris De Bruyne as Chief Executive Officer. After 10 years as partner at EyeSee, Joris De Bruyne is taking over the role of CEO from founder Olivier Tilleuil, who moves to an EyeSee Board position.

Joris De Bruyne joined EyeSee in 2013, partnering with Olivier to develop proprietary tech and build up commercial capabilities. He has been instrumental in securing the 2020 capital round and supporting the R&D department to innovate, customize agile models, and cater to our clients’ needs.

Commenting on his new role, Joris shared “I’m very grateful to Olivier for our complementary partnership and honored to serve our team, clients, and investors. I take pride in being able to lead EyeSee into the new chapter. We managed to gather impressive and dedicated talent community, and my role now is to make sure that we can thrive, continue to reshape consumer research, and do what we do best – drive our clients’ businesses further using insights-driven knowledge.’

EyeSee is seeing another leadership change, with Marija Djordjevic, former Product Director at EyeSee, being appointed as the Head of Crafts. Commenting on her new role, Marija said: “I am excited to start working with an amazing team of interdisciplinary experts and looking forward to bringing into play all my previous experience in Product Strategy and Market Research into building long-term capabilities in EyeSee’s products. I’m very enthusiastic about my new role and hopefully I’ll transfer my energy and excitement to the rest of the team.”


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