New Dubai office for Future Market Insights

Research provider Future Market Insights has unveiled its expansion strategy which includes collaboration with Transparency Market Research and Its main milestone is the strategic expansion to the Middle East, commencing with the opening of a brand new office in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers of Dubai.

The second aspect of the strategy is the launch of an AI-driven centralized intelligence center via MarketNGage. The portal will provide traditional insights, combined with social media and video analytics to meet the ever-growing demands of clients ranging from university students to those on the Fortune 500 list. Using, FMI will initiate real-time interaction with all its clients, allowing customer representatives to be available 24/7, 365 days a year, as an initiative to provide quick solutions.

\”FMI will continue to leverage AI and human capacities to bring smart intelligence, and present them in ways that are easy to implement with a top-of-the-mind approach that drives optimal decision making,\” says Sudip Saha, Managing Director and Co-founder of FMI.

\”We are excited to further expand our business in the Middle East and look forward to see how we can drive market research in the region forward and make an impact on a global scale,\” adds Anurag Singh, Group Chairman and CEO of Transparency Market Research, Future Market Insights, and Fact MR.