New brand for Confirmit-Focusvision merger

Forsta is the new brand that has emerged from the merger of Confirmit and FocusVision, two Experience and Research technology companies.

Kyle Ferguson, CEO of the business comments: “I am delighted to introduce Forsta as our new brand. Today’s announcement takes us a step closer to realizing our ambition of creating a world class business that will reinvent the global insights industry. Forsta brings us to the cusp of a new frontier of customer experience, where discovery and understanding of insights will lead to stories that quickly fuel action for our customers. Together we will grow smarter and faster as we bring experience research to life.

“It’s easy to say you are a purpose driven organization. The hardest part is delivering on the claim. Forsta’s purpose is simple. We exist to help inform and inspire decision makers.”

Both Confirmit and FocusVision will become Forsta brands and continue to operate as usual while the organization continues its integration plans and brand strategy roll out.