mTab expands into Asia

Survey analysis and data visualisation software provider mTAB has expanded its global marketing research capabilities, through the acquisition of Gamma Associates in the U.K., establishment of an office in Japan, and a partnership with Analytic Edge in China.

“We’re so pleased to unite our two companies to provide our client base with the global support they expect,” said Alex Gelman, CEO of mTAB. “Gamma’s focus on quality and customer success fits perfectly with our values at mTAB. Gamma’s data visualization software, mTABView®, will become one of the core pillars of the mTAB platform and growth story.”

Since 1990, Gamma has been mTAB’s partner in Europe. The two businesses will be fully integrated under Gelman’s leadership, enabling mTAB’s global clients to access a more seamless customer experience.

Additionally, mTAB announced a significant expansion into Asia. mTAB has been working closely with leading Japanese companies since 1996, and establishing a local office will further strengthen these relationships.

“As we plan to expand our business globally, establishing an operating entity in this important market was a natural decision for us,” said Keiko Yoshimi, head of the newly formed mTAB Asia Pacific office.

In China, the growing market research industry is increasingly demanding the same tools that mTAB provides in its Japanese, European and American markets. To support the Chinese market, mTAB has formed a strategic partnership with market research training firm, Analytic Edge.

“The Chinese market is so unique and large that it requires in-market presence,” said Junbo Zhu, founder of Analytic Edge.

With the expansion, clients can expect a seamless user experience through a fully integrated software and services delivery platform in the comfort of their own language and time zone.

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