MRMW APAC Conference

I am not saying automation is bad. I am saying that for some purposes, there are limitations,” Evan Williams, Group Head of Research and Insights at Go-Jek, stated when he kicked off the 2019 APAC edition of MRMW in Singapore. With the theme ‘Powering the Future of Insight Automation’, the two-day event explored the role of automation in generating insights and the latest innovations in market research.

Research automation is on the rise, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leading the charge. Automation via AI or ML technology can simplify or remove time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks, thus enabling researchers to concentrate more on areas that require heavy human input. Using intelligent insight based on smart data and optimised algorithms from AI, researchers can now start to automate parts of their work and individualise the use of technology for each project. As with all new technologies and innovations, this has its own unique challenges, which were widely discussed at MRMW APAC.

Combining insights from market research and data science can lead to a better understanding of your consumers and better strategic decisions. With the explosion of available data and the need to select, analyse, and extrapolate insights from multiple sources, data science is becoming a crucial part of market research. Speakers from FWD Insurance, Linfluence, honestbee, and NTUC Link shared their strategies on linking market research with data science to generate deeper insights.

Day two of MRMW APAC took us into how artificial intelligence is now widely used in consumer insights, from personalising beauty care to generating audience analytics at Formula One races. This shows the strength AI can deliver, whether it is used to better understand individuals or to more easily break down large audiences.

Last but not least, shifting economic power, technological advancements, population change, and evolving consumer values underpin disruptions in the market research industry. Market researchers are more compelled than ever to deliver accurate, insightful solutions for businesses and brands with shorter turnaround times and smaller budgets.

Couldn’t make it to MRMW APAC 2019? Don’t worry! You still have a chance to meet the world-class speakers at our upcoming MRMW conference, which will be held on 1–11 April in Cincinnati, Ohio and 17–19 June in Amsterdam. Learn how to automate insights and innovate your market research with speakers from PayPal, Procter & Gamble, Ericsson, BMW, Foursquare, Facebook, Celgene, Formula 1, Eli Lilly & Company, and many more!