Mintel launches consumer intelligence platform in India

Market intelligence agency Mintel has launched Indian Consumer, a new consumer intelligence platform featuring in-depth research reports and analyst expertise on India’s consumer markets. Designed specifically for companies, brands, and manufacturers serving the Indian market, Mintel Indian Consumer intuitively combines new consumer research with the latest market data and analyst insight, and is delivered in a highly engaging and interactive platform.

Thoroughly researched, analysed and interpreted by Mintel’s team of local expert analysts, each interactive report is easy to comprehend and, more importantly, act upon. With overarching themes across the food and drink, beauty and personal care, and lifestyles categories, Mintel Indian Consumer presents solutions to gaps identified in the marketplace, with the consumer insight needed to facilitate the product development, brand and marketing, as well as business decision-making processes.

Matthew Nelson, General Manager of Mintel Asia Pacific, says: “From first setting up shop in India nearly a decade ago to doubling our revenue and tripling our headcount in just the last three years, the launch of Mintel Indian Consumer marks an expanded footprint for Mintel in India—a challenging, dynamic and highly innovative marketplace. Mintel’s continued investment in the region builds upon our already established analyst expertise into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This is a key milestone for the company’s long-term growth strategy and further expansion across the Asia Pacific region and the world, giving our clients research and analysis of the highest quality to help them grow their business.

Nidhi Sinha, Head of Content, India Consumer, at Mintel, adds: “Mintel research identifies the major trends impacting the marketplace, covering consumers in metros and tier one-to-three cities across India’s four main regions. Companies and brands can drill into our consumer data to discover the regional and socioeconomic differences. In fact, the data can be viewed by household composition, demographic, gender and age, to name a few. Mintel’s expert analysts provide their unique perspective and expertise on India’s key consumer markets by examining the trending shifts in consumer behaviour and product innovation on the global and local scale.”