MetrixLab launches Campaign Monitor

Digital research firm MetrixLab has unveiled Campaign Monitor, a “fast, focused and detailed” multimedia campaign effectiveness solution. It helps brands deliver maximum return for their marketing budget by pinpointing the effectiveness and efficiency of each individual campaign channel. This depth of detail is crucial to succeeding in today’s fragmented media landscape, where targeting is becoming increasingly complex.

Campaign Monitor delivers these performance measurements using one consistent set of metrics across media channels and campaigns. This ensures media contribution is evaluated on a level playing field, which is key to benchmarking and strategic meta-learnings.

Vincent Blaney, Global Media Consultant at MetrixLab, says: “Campaign Monitor offers our clients an unprecedented deep dive into media performance. It helps them truly understand what is working and what isn’t, providing them with the granular level of detail needed to make confident adjustments to their campaign investments. And because it is a fast and cost-effective solution, brands can afford to measure more campaigns and therefore build up their own strategic learning programs, assisted by our team of media experts.”