Medallia introduces self-service solution Agile Research

Customer and employee experience company Medallia has launched Agile Research, a fully self-service advanced market research tool that will be fully integrated into Medallia Experience Cloud. This innovative product will be available for all Medallia Experience Cloud users to enable customer experience, research, and insights teams to leverage one unified platform to measure and analyze consumer, market and brand insights for a comprehensive view of the business ecosystem.

Designed for self-service, Medallia Agile Research enables researchers to move quickly and iterate on demand for one-off surveys, competitive analysis, and brand/product research. These capabilities allow organizations to quickly learn about any topic, all while protecting the integrity of the company’s historical data. Advanced statistical analysis enables researchers to go beyond simple analysis to get to the root of insights and recommend actions that will deliver ROI. 

“The introduction of Medallia Agile Research brings an intuitive, easy to use, self-service market research solution to companies who want to move quickly to conduct market and competitive research, and iterate changes quickly, without invalidating the historical data of their customer retention and customer experience platform. Now, companies get the best of both worlds directly in the Medallia platform, which is unique for experience management platforms,” said Simonetta Turek, Chief Product Officer at Medallia. “The world’s most trusted and admired brands already use Medallia to power their customer and employee experience programs and by providing them a completely self-service tool in Agile Research, they can obtain cost savings by not having to leverage separate platforms for market research.”

By integrating Agile Research within Medallia Experience Cloud, companies can take advantage of a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Cost: Organizations can save money by consolidating high-cost platforms and by bringing agency-driven research studies in-house.
  • Speed-to-Insights: Easy-to-use DIY surveys deliver fast, quality research insights to help brand teams keep pace with rapid changes in the marketplace and deliver insights to stakeholders on how to increase customer loyalty.
  • Global Reach: Access to millions of respondents worldwide (in 80+ languages) through a third-party panel, with administration fully integrated in the platform.
  • Unified Platform: Break down silos and connect insights from across the organization, capturing and analyzing customer data all with one source of truth in Medallia Experience Cloud.


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