Lightspeed pioneers Honesty Detector solution

Global digital data collection organization Lightspeed has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its pioneering Honesty Detector solution.

Available in 30 key markets, Honesty Detector ensures only high quality, engaged respondents enter research studies, and represents a key component of Lightspeed’s commitment to enabling the most accurate view of consumers to help inform sound business decisions.

Honesty Detector works by adding an extra layer of quality control for all respondents. It analyses their responses to a unique combination of statements and calibration benchmarks, and then removes over-reporters from studies who tend to say ‘yes’ to nearly everything being asked of them in order to qualify for surveys.

The new patent (Patent No. 9,639,816), entitled Identifying People Likely to Respond Accurately to Survey Questions, was awarded to Mitch Eggers, Lightspeed’s Chief Scientist and Eli Drake in May 2017.

“Lightspeed is committed to continuing to improve the methods and techniques we use to build high quality market research datasets. We are thought leaders in survey design, sampling methods, respondent quality methods, and building richer profiles of millions of people across the globe,” stated Eggers. “We are continuing to develop better methodologies in these areas and continue to make conceptual breakthroughs. In 2016 alone, we removed 644k individual respondents for failing Honesty Detector, a proof of its effectiveness and Lightspeed’s commitment to superior quality.”

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