Let’s Rendezvous in Paris!

On 20th and 21st April, 2017, the trade show Le Printemps des études, will be taking place at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. In the form of stands, conferences, gatherings, round table discussions and benchmarking workshops, the event highlights trends and innovations in marketing and communications. The 6th session features 81 conferences and workshops about the latest marketing and best practices. 130 companies will be present to share their solutions on Le Printemps des études. It will be the opportunity for visitors to meet and network with the industry players on new challenges and marketing innovations.

Asia Research is proud to be a media partner this year and has conducted a pre-conference interview with Manager and Commissioner-General of the event, Stephanie Perrin (pictured). Below are the excerpts:

What is the highlight of the show this year?

Succeeding Sir Martin Sorrell, President of WPP Group, we have the honor this year to welcome Peter Sherman, executive vice-president of Omnicom. He will open Le Printemps des études with a conference “Reclaiming the Consumer”. The Omnicom group gathers more than 1 500 agencies distributed over more than 100 countries, sharing their expertise with more than 5 000 brands.

This year, focus will be made on data, more specifically on professional and ethical practices. Data easy access and storage opened a new era: the data mass collection. It arouses a need for bigger vigilance and incites professionals to strengthen their regulations, particularly regarding protection of personal data. Esomar will present the new European regulation which comes into effect in 2018.

Esomar will also present the new Ethics Code written in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce. The code guides the MR professionals to respect their obligations towards the customers, the public and the profession.

As we are a French based event, we can’t miss our national election for president. In 2016, a conference around the role of the social media in the opinion polls was organized. In 2017, we will ask opinion polls agencies how to make efficient and predictive polls. Moreover, a new rendez-vous, “In the voting booth with…”, will be the occasion to meet the most famous opinion agencies Managers.

What do you think is the biggest trend influencing Market Research in 2017?

We keep saying it, but digital is a constant focus for the MR industry. Mobile, social media, connects objects… they are all tools on which the studies institutes have to capitalize.

For example, 4 in 5 French use a social network at least once a month, with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter attracting the top audiences (according to Médiamétrie). Daily, 26.5 million of French connect to at least one social network.

This generalization plays a leading role in the traffic of the contents (articles, videos). Brands must then be able to propose some varied and adapted contents to the consumer. Especially with the increase of the connected objects which are opportunities to offer more personalized content.

What, currently, is the biggest threat the industry is facing?

I think that digitalization and social selling are now well managed. The work of the MR industry is to reinterpret the job mixing different tools and various technologies. Another important role is to gather the work of various professionals such as data scientists, weblisteners, semiologists to make the data a source of enrichment, thanks to the MR analysis.

The advantages of open data cannot substitute the declarative data. On the contrary, the goal is to marry the sources of the easily and freely accessible data with the data collected by the institutes. Indeed, the lack of representativeness of the mass data must be compensated with the work of analysis of institutes.

I’m convinced that more and more MR will act as a captain of a more diversified team, mixing data and hybridization of know-hows to help their customers make informed decisions.

The show has seen growth and success over the years, what do you hope to see in the years to come?

I strongly believe that to go on being successful, we have to stay in phase with the market: to be aware of the needs of announcers and of the offers of players. While taking into account the major evolutions and the economic pressure (less time, less budgets and smaller teams).

The aim of Le Printemps des études is still to go on proposing a high standard of quality to its visitors, speakers and exhibitors, which includes, from my point of view, proposing new themes and new formats of meetings. The event is here to clear new borders, to inspire its audience, to show the innovations, the new tools, the new methodologies and the last technologies of the sector.

So, let’s meet with the most up to date MR, and “rendez-vous” in Paris!