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Music AI
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Music ex machina—Innovation and Transformation Within the Music Industry

By Laura Lum, Senior Research Manager, 2CV

AI has disrupted the 21st century music industry and continues to influence

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To Regulate or Not to Regulate—That is the Question

By: Piers Lee, Director, BVA BDRC

A healthy employment market underwrites any country’s economy. The more people in employment and the


IIEX APAC 2024 – The Future of Consumer Insights in APAC

By Colin Wong – Expert Channel Host, Focus on APAC

The IIEX APAC 2024 (Insight Innovation Exchange Asia Pacific)

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Brunei—a missed opportunity?


Brunei Darussalam represents a market that is often overlooked, characterized by limited research engagement due to its size, with a population of only

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How Cost-of-Living Pressures are Altering the Consumer Electronics Landscape

By Toluna

The rising cost of living is influencing consumers’ preferences when


Beyond Clicks: Enhancing Usability Through Eye Tracking

By Rita Heng, Senior Research Manager, 2CV

Reconciling user engagement with design team expectations proves

consumer insights
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9 best practices for creating powerful packaging designs

By Alexander Kleijngeld, Senior Solution Consultant, MetrixLab, a Toluna company

Packaging design is more than just making sure your product stands out

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Trust on the Line—Examining the Fallout of Big Tech’s Layoff

By Saurabh Sardana, Urooj Insights, powered by PureSpectrum

In the last decade, top technology firms became heroes and the focus


Unveiling The Power of Personal Positioning for Leadership: A Path to Corporate Success

By Claudia Siregar, Co-founder of Asia Research Media

In the dynamic arena of 21st century business, building a global brand is

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Ace Your Ads: TikTok First Approach for True User Engagement

By Milica Kovac, Global Business Development Manager at EyeSee

The true and essential power of the TikTok platform lies in the fact that

CommentConsumer & Shopper

Road to growth: Understanding travel retail consumer behavior

By Koen Philippaerts, New Business Development Manager at EyeSee

I just returned from visiting my family in Europe, and aside from having a nice


Fasten Your Seatbelts – Expanding the Horizons of the Insights Industry

By Dmitry Gaiduk

Nearly 15 years ago at the ESOMAR Congress in Montreux, Switzerland, I was struck by the slow pace at which

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Mastering TikTok for Business in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide Part 1


In this digital world where social media

FeaturesMethodology / Academic

It’s time to talk about OEs—what’s going on with them?

By: James Rogers, Managing Director APAC, PureSpectrum

Love them or hate them, OEs


Social Commerce: Revolutionising the Online Retail Experience

By: Si Ying Wang, 2CV