Kantar unveils new growth strategy for APAC

Data and analytics firm Kantar has kicked off a new growth strategy for the APAC region. With the launch of a tailored platform in China and a digital strategy to quadruplicate the size of its Indian panel, the company expects to meet the needs of the dynamic Asian markets. 

As China’s privacy regulations evolve, operating in the country requires a hyperlocal focus to provide reliable data and a compelling panellist experience for its 7 million users. Kantar’s new platform is hosted in China and offers integrations with WeChat and Red Packet rewards – WeChat integrated cash transfer system, similar to PayPal. Localising servers, support, consultancy, and communications ensures sustainable growth in the country. 

Jeff Tsui, Managing Director, Kantar Profiles – Greater China, commented: “Meaningful insights are only possible with meaningful data. Our new local platform is a resilient service that meets new regulations to help brands collect compliant data anytime.  Likewise, we want our panellists to have a best-in-class experience. Integrating our platform with WeChat and Red Packet does precisely that”. 

To increase the company’s reach in India, Kantar is launching a new dedicated Hindi panel – the most spoken language in the country after English –and implementing a two-part digital-first approach. From now on, all Indian projects will be online, and surveys will be designed for mobiles, using global standards. Both changes will broaden respondent access, ensuring a balanced demographic coverage across social class and geography, delivering four times the current panel capacity over the next two years to reach 40 million Indians. 

Siddhartha Dutta, Managing Director, Kantar Profiles – Asia, said: “India is on a journey towards becoming the second biggest market in the world. It’s never been more important to infuse technology to expand our local capabilities and ensure high-quality data to become an indispensable brand partner for our clients worldwide”.

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