Kantar unveils Link AI for Digital

Data-driven analytics firm Kantar has launched Link AI for Digital, an AI-powered ad testing solution specifically for digital ad formats and it is now available on Kantar Marketplace, its agile market research platform. The launch is part of Kantar’s ongoing investment in its digital solutions and is just one of several significant enhancements planned for 2022 – enabling clients to unlock the full potential of their digital campaigns.

Link AI for Digital is a state-of-the-art creative effectiveness solution that reliably predicts a digital ad’s in-market performance within 15 minutes. Link AI for Digital was trained using Link, the world’s largest normative advertising database which consists of over 230,000 survey-enabled ad tests and 30 million real human interactions.

Commenting on the launch, Will Galgey, Executive Managing Director, Kantar Marketplace, said: “Link AI for Digital is a great addition to the Kantar Marketplace platform, making it an ever more indispensable part of every marketers’ toolkit. Having access to AI-powered and survey-based tools all in one place is transformational for our clients, delivering speed without compromise and enabling them to make effective decisions in our fast-paced world. This is an exciting milestone for Kantar Marketplace.”

Jane Ostler, EVP, Creative and Media Solutions, Kantar, added: “Link AI for Digital is a powerful artificial intelligence tool, which gives marketers the insight they need to respond to the specific challenges of the fastest-growing, most used marketing channel in the world. Given ever-increasing digital budgets, knowing which versions of ads will deliver the greatest ROI, and better understanding the performance of competitor ads, become more and more important.”

Web: https://www.kantar.com/