Kantar, PwC Australia, and Glow collaborate on sustainability

Research and consulting businesses Kantar, PwC Australia, and Glow have teamed up to integrate a standardised metric into their services to help businesses link sustainability to customer and employee loyalty.

This unprecedented cross-industry collaboration comes as investment in ESG/sustainability programs continues to rise, driven by legislative compliance, shareholder expectations, employee demands, and evolving consumer behavior, prompting rising demand for consistent, standardized measurement.

The Social Responsibility Score® (SRS) is a simple, easy-to-deploy perception measure of sustainability ROI that is backed up by over twenty five million brand interviews over the last four years. The metric captures feedback from consumers, customers, employees, or investors and can be benchmarked across brands, geographies, and time, creating a common language for performance evaluation.

Kantar and PwC Australia are integrating SRS into their existing measurement and transformation solutions in order to enrich their offer to clients and make it easier for all businesses to measure their sustainability efforts. In addition, SRS is being evaluated and piloted by five other global research and advisory businesses for integration with their solutions.

SRS data is already utilized within ongoing research programs, supported by Cint, NIQ (NielsenIQ) and publisher 3BL Media, that seek to determine the ROI of sustainability efforts. Developed by research-technology business Glow, SRS is available for licensing to research and advisory businesses eager to advance the sustainability agenda.

“SRS makes it easier to quantify the commercial impact of sustainability efforts,” says Tim Clover, CEO of Glow. “The lack of standardized global measures to gauge stakeholder response to ESG/sustainability efforts has made it hard for businesses to prove ROI on sustainability programs and hampered investment up until now. We are excited that Kantar and PwC Australia are supporting SRS. The more we all speak the same language, the more positive impact can be created for businesses, the communities they serve, and the environment.”

Jonathan Hall, Kantar’s global leader for Sustainable Transformation adds: “We hear often from clients that they need a simple, common language for measuring sustainability, which is why we support this industry-wide opportunity to maximize our impact. No agency can solve this problem on its own. We have already integrated SRS into tracking for one of our global clients and can see how it adds value to our existing comprehensive measurement framework. We are happy to be collaborating across the industry on a standard metric that promotes positive action.”

PwC Australia Markets Leader, Tom Gunson, said, “Quantifying social and environmental risk is now an imperative for Boards and Executives. Taking an evidence-based approach to measuring the effects of ESG actions on all stakeholders is new and exciting. Combining consumer-driven data with our ESG, analytics and consulting solutions provides new insights on what is working well and what areas require more focus.”

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