James Rogers to lead APAC PureSpectrum

\"JamesRogers\"PureSpectrum expands into the Asia-Pacific region and has appointed James Rogers, who is based in Singapore, as Managing Director to lead the regional activities. Michael McCrary, Founder and CEO: “Our growth into APAC marks a milestone moment for PureSpectrum. We are committed to becoming a strong local player in Asia’s sophisticated economies. We’re especially excited about the opportunity to learn and grow in this new continent.”

James Rogers stated: “Supercharged by regional adoption of automation and transformative change, now is the perfect time for PureSpectrum to enter Asia-Pacific. I am excited to join the existing veteran team and lead the brand on its growth in the region.” Chief Client Officer, David Butler commented: “James is an innovator, operator and professional trusted by colleagues, partners and clients. PureSpectrum has long wanted a presence in Asia and our timing has always been predicated on finding the right person to lead the effort.”

James Rogers\’ appointment is a decisive sign of PureSpectrum\’s rapid global reach. With over 17 years dedicated to data & insights automation, Rogers’ brings further industry and region specific knowledge and will aid in the organization’s ability to deliver technology-first solutions to one of the world’s largest markets.

About PureSpectrum

PureSpectrum is a next-generation online sample company founded in California in 2015. Since its inception, PureSpectrum has worked to bring groundbreaking technological advances to the market research industry. Researchers around the globe use PureSpectrum’s platform and services to connect with millions of panelists to understand sentiment and develop industry leading insights.

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