It’s not about “research” at all

According to the 2013 IBM C-Suite study, only 34% of organisations have an in-depth understanding of their customers; however, by 2017 it is projected that 78% of organisations will have that in-depth understanding of their most important asset, their customers.

What is missing from many organisations’ customer intelligence strategy is the ability to collect wisdom from their customer simply, effectively, and holistically. Big Data is exactly that – big –and data that is rear-view focused. Social is un-profiled and passive. Trackers are a snapshot in time. What is missing from this world are the attitudes, drivers, experiences, opinions, ideas, and feelings of your customers. Just like SingTel, infuse the voice of customer into the decision-making process, and you have unlocked the secret to collective wisdom and are harnessing the customer intelligence revolution.

It’s not about research. It’s about having the ability to ask WHY of every answer you already have and changing the way brands go about business. It’s about evolving the way brands connect with their markets and how they are re-establishing the relationships we all once used to foster. It’s about taking your most important asset and driving it into the heart of everything you do. It’s about leveraging the intrinsic “feeling” of inclusion, being valued, and being a part of a real community. Consumers expect to be heard, are mobile, and are looking to be entertained. As wisdom collectors, we must compete for a share of their digital consumption.

In order to bring the voice of the customer into the fast-changing world of communications technology, SingTel Group Digital L!fe sought an effective solution that would allow the team to quickly dialogue with customers and bring their ideas to the table for marketing and managerial decisions. By working with Vision Critical across the Asia Pacific region, SingTel has been able to establish an ongoing dialogue with digitally savvy customers who help influence strategic decisions and directions the company takes.

“Our insight communities have been an invaluable part of helping us to change the way the voice of customer is heard in our business. The communities have also helped to open doors to more engaged dialogue with our target audience. Connecting with community members has been so impactful that our stakeholders see the significance of timely insights in their decision-making processes”, Melissa Gil, Director of Customer Intelligence for Group Digital Life at SingTel proudly states. “At management meetings, we often hear: what do the digital advisors say”.

Insight Communities have become a critical tool for shedding light on business problems for SingTel Group Digital L!fe. Management now expects the voice of customer to be included in their decision-making process. Due to the ease of use and fast set up of the communities, the research team has had more time to focus on value-add discussions concerning issues and new opportunities, rather than spending time on managing research processes.

Imagine a world where you have a trusted community of customers to whom you can turn at any time and ask any question that is important to your business today. Imagine a world where you have a highly organised way of capturing and effecting the attitudes, drivers, experiences, opinions, ideas, and feelings of your customers. Imagine a world where you can dynamically collect wisdom and make timely business decisions. That’s collective wisdom.


Authored by Mark Dwyer – VP Asia Pacific at Vision Critical