Ipsos UU boosts ambitious growth targets with role enhancements

Ipsos UU India has implemented a slew of role enhancements to gear up for ambitious growth targets, launch of contemporary solutions and leveraging opportunities for its qualitative research vertical. 

Commenting on the development, Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India said, “These role enhancements are meant to strategically elevate and enhance the role of Ipsos UU in India, with its slew of added specialties and specialists, equipping clients for the future. In sync with our ambitious growth targets and enriching our repertoire of offerings for 2025, when Ipsos turns 50.”  

Sapna Parmar, Research Director, Ipsos UU India who services some of the largest accounts in the western cluster of Ipsos India, additionally takes up the role of UXR Champion for Ipsos UU. Parmar’s remit will be to build UX capabilities in terms of resources and operational efficiencies.

Neha Dutta, Research Director, Ipsos UU India has her role enhanced to include Product Testing Champion, Ipsos UU. Dutta will invigorate Product Testing and enhance qualitative product testing capabilities across Ipsos’ roster of clients in India. She will also develop new modules and best practices.

Shelly Jain, Research Director, Ipsos UU, India dons another hat as the Simplification Champion, Ipsos UU.  With agility the new buzzword in client delivery, Jain will focus on improving efficiencies in Ipsos UU, build a respondent panel and reduce turnaround time to clients by working efficiently around internal processes and with delivery teams. 

Geetika Singh, country service line leader, Ipsos UU India, picks up additional role of Gen AI Champion, for Ipsos UU in India. Singh will enhance AI adoption across her teams to unlock growth opportunities and efficiencies. Gen AI will be leveraged for building internal efficiencies, developing strong products with AI boosted workshops and Gen AI based curation.

Ashwini Sirsikar, group service line leader, Ipsos UU & Synthesio, in her expanded role, will oversee all new initiatives and provide mentoring across Ipsos UU. Her role has also expanded to include pitching for large projects as a part of the core team and under the initiative Pitch to Win.

“With these significant developments in Ipsos UU, our endeavour is to provide opportunities to our people to take on initiatives they feel passionately about. At the same time these initiatives would enable us to manage business more efficiently and provide new age offerings to clients,” stated Sirsikar.

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