Interview: Simon van Duivenvoorde – Wakoopa at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Online shopping behavior in Asia – Comparing cross-device consumer behavior using passive metering in Japan and Taiwan

  • Combining traditional research with passive metering to enhance insight generation
  • Integrating survey data with online behavior
  • Revealing the overall purchase behavior and customer journeys in two different markets in Asia
  • Understanding how behavioral data helps brands to create a great customer experience


Simon van Duivenvoorde, Managing Director at Wakoopa is a passionate digital native. In various roles he spent time on client-, agency-, and now, technology supplier side. He combines this experience with a broad knowledge of trends and developments in the online field. With Wakoopa he is currently revolutionizing online research and working hard to make Wakoopa the world’s preferred passive data collection technology company.