Infotools Launches Harmoni MR Analysis Software

Global market research analysis solutions provider Infotools has rolled out its powerful new cloud-based market research platform, Infotools Harmoni. The new solution was developed based on the real-world needs of market researchers and harnesses the latest technology, including machine learning and automation, to address common issues and challenges that the industry faces.

“We have created a platform that incorporates 28 years of insight and experience from working with some of the largest brands and the most innovative market research agencies in the world,” said CEO, Ant Franklin of Infotools. “Infotools Harmoni is focused on what the next generation of market researchers need—to deliver actionable insights more quickly and effectively.”

Infotools Harmoni was designed to allow researchers to spend less time preparing data and more time generating valuable insights from that data.

Infotools developed the new solution knowing that market researchers have access to more data—from a range of sources—than ever before. Market researchers need to access the data more quickly, unlock insights in record time, and share these insights in a compelling way to meet client expectations. Infotools Harmoni leverages the latest technology to deliver an effective response to these expectations.

Franklin continued, “More than four years of intensive development by actual market researchers and millions of dollars have gone into the creation of Infotools Harmoni. We believe it gets to the heart of market research analysis in a way that hasn’t been achieved before in our industry.”

Components of the platform have already been adopted by several market research agencies such as MDI, Quantum Market Research and Big Picture, along with major brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Shell and MetLife.

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